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Consultation and Training Services

 Supporting your agency

Our staff have significant experience supporting agencies and helping agency workers to achieve their best.

We can deliver a range of consultation, training and support options for your agency and your staff, including EAP Services and Critical Incident De-briefing services.

EAP Services

EAP services are designed to provide short-term psychological assistance for employees (or their immediate family members) in need.  Many companies have already chosen Sunny Steps to meet their mental health and support needs of their clients.  With no lock in contracts – and no minimum service requirements,  Sunny Steps is well placed to meet your needs. For further information, please reach out to us so we can design a service that works best for you.  

Consultation and Training Services

We provide customised training to companies across Australia on a variety of topics including mental health and safety, neuro-affirming practices, trauma informed practices,  working with challenging behaviours, NDIS implementation responsibilities  and beyond.   We can also provide services and support for your carers and staff including trauma informed counselling, carer support, behavioural services and training.    

We also offer:

  • Consultation Services: Working in the NDIS Space, meeting the requirements of Behaviour Support Services and Restrictive Practices (identification, authorisation and reporting)
  • Training Services for Staff:  Direct training for staff on a wide variety of topics including but not limited to behavioural support, child protection, reflective practice, working with risk, child protection and trauma informed practices
  • Training Services for Carers:  We are licensed to deliver “Tuning into Kids” and “Tuning into Teens”
  • Supervision Services: We offer a variety of supervision services to staff on behalf of agencies including supervision for intern psychologists, supervision for behavioural support practitioners and supervision for clinical staff for other disciplines (reflective practice)
  • EAP Services: We can provide confidential counselling services for your staff, under employee assistance programs
  • Critical Incident Debriefing:  We can attend your workplace to offer support to staff following significant incidents

Don’t see what you need?  Reach out to discuss your goals so that we can develop a tailored program

Professional development, training and Psychology Internship Supervision

Sunny Steps provides supervision and training across a number of registration programs including the psychology 4+2, 5+1 and Clinical registrar program.  We provide supervision for Mental Health Accreditation for Social Workers,  trainin...

Group Supervision Presenters

Meet our 2024 Group Presenters

Group Supervision & Webinar Timetable

All Group supervision is online, $160 for two hours unless otherwise stated. Group supervision is booked by calling our office on 1300 418 579 – and completing our secondary supervision registration form. This will allow the supervision to be coun...