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Positive behaviour support

Sunny Steps Psychology knows that behaviour occurs for a reason…

Even challenging behaviour.  We work holistically with the participant and their network, to identify these reasons, and work on reducing challenging behaviour through meeting underlying needs and increasing skills and adaptive behaviours.

Our Positive behaviour support services focus on the reduction and elimination of restrictive practices and the overall enhancement of the participants independence, so that they can live their best lives.

We have practitioners with extensive experience, including numerous at the advanced / specialist NDIS Capability Framework Level.  We have extersive experience working to register and fade restrictive practices.

Our services include comprehensive assessment in the persons own environment, the completion of functional behavioural assessments, team training and support and the development of interim and comprehensive behaviour support plans.   

Sunny Steps Psychology and Supervision will also complete the required NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission portal work to ensure appropriate oversight of restrictive practices, whilst we safely fade them from use. 

In combination with positive behaviour support services, we can deliver therapeutic supports and skill building for the participant.