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Leah Flanagan

Registered Psychologist | Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analyst

Leah Flanagan is a Registered Psychologist and endorsed advanced behaviour support practitioner with the NDIS. In addition to psychology, she has additional university level qualifications in Criminology and Criminal Justice (Bachelor), Child Protection (Post-Graduate) and Behaviour (Post-Graduate)

Leah has more than 20 years’ experience providing services to children and adults who have been significantly impacted by trauma or disability.  She is registered with Medicare, NDIS, SIRA, a variety of Private Health Funds and NSW Victims of Crime.  Leah is particularly motivated to increase client’s independence and eliminate restrictive practices, working both as a direct behaviour support practitioner and as an independent specialist for the Department of Communities and Justice. She has experience and a special interest in the completion of sexual recidivism and risk assessments and has provided testimony on such matters in the children’s, local and district courts.

In addition to providing therapeutic and behavioural services, Leah has a passion for assessment. She offers comprehensive assessments including assessments for ADHD and Autism, and also provides support and supervision to new and developing psychologists (board-approved, 4+2 and 5+1) and behaviour support practitioners across Australia.